If brewing is considered one of the cornerstones of civilization, then we are the quarry. Mill 95 brings brewers and hop farmers together so that they can create drinkable works of art. Brewers get the hops they need, and farmers can grow the varietals that brewers want. Our hop roots run deep in Idaho, but they also run wide, in taps around the world. We believe the spirit of beer is in the hops. And while not a necessity for life, hops are one of the essential building blocks of good times.



DISRUPT the hop industry to build and push the character of beer forward.




CURATE authentic brands, relationships and experiences to bring growers and brewers together.




Capture the imagination of brewers and growers and INSPIRE them to create killer beer.




  1. Community: Beer has a way of bringing people together. We have a way of bringing beer people together to create lasting relationships.

  2. Integrity: We believe in honesty; in the way we work and in the way we do business with others.

  3. Quality: If our product isn’t the best, then beer can’t be its best. We never settle.

  4. Service: Relationships are the foundation of our business. Our desire to serve is relentless.