If brewing is considered one of the cornerstones of civilization, then we are the quarry. Mill 95 brings brewers and hop farmers together so that they can create drinkable works of art. Brewers get the hops they need, and farmers can grow the varietals that brewers want. Our hop roots run deep in Idaho, but they also run wide, in taps around the world. We believe the spirit of beer is in the hops. And while not a necessity for life, hops are one of the essential building blocks of good times.



Seasonal employment opportunities - mid-august to mid-november

Mill 95 is Idaho’s first hops pelletizing operation. We work with every part of the hops chain including buying from farmers, processing, storing and selling to brewers.  Quality and integrity are our core values and we offer on the job training, day-time schedules, stay to the end bonus, and an opportunity for top performers to return for future seasons.   JOB DESCRIPTION


the Heart of hops country

Howe Rd. & Hwy. 95
Wilder, Idaho 83676

We're nestled in the agricultural community of Wilder, ID where the long summer days provide perfect conditions for the production of aromatic, high and super-high alpha varieties including CTZ, Galena, Nugget, and Chinook.

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