Blog posts of '2023' 'March'

(0) Ahhhroma: The Extreme Dual-Purpose Hop

Craft brewers around the world are always in search of something new, something different, something to create the next fantastic beer. What’s going to be the next Citra? Or Ekuanot? Sabro? Where do these new varieties come from?

Many of them come from highly sophisticated and methodologically plan...

(0) Spring: A Crucial Time for Hops

It's (finally) spring and hop growers in Idaho are gearing up for another growing season. Idaho is the second largest hop-producing state in the United States, and springtime is a crucial time for growers as they prepare their fields for the upcoming growing season.

In SW Idaho, growers typically b...

(0) Cashmere: The Late Addition Stunner

Cashmere is a relatively "new" hop variety that was first introduced to the market in 2013. It was developed through the Washington State University breeding program, aiming to create a variety with a unique flavor profile that could be used in a wide range of beer styles. Cashmere is known for its ...