Blog posts of '2023' 'October'

(0) Guest Blog: Farm to Pint

Visiting southwestern Idaho during hop harvest is a memorable experience for any brewer or beer enthusiast. Many of us brew our beers every day without giving much thought to how the aromatic green pellets we use get to us. Not that we don’t appreciate the importance of their quality in the final ...

(0) Guest Blog: Humanizing Hops

The rental car I’ve just driven up down and all around a dirt forest service road into the Sawtooth Mountains to soak in natural hot springs earlier that day is struggling to keep up with the tan pick-up truck I’m following through flat farmland on my way out to the Mill for the first time. I will...

(0) An East Coast Sales Executive's Idaho Hop Harvest Experience

Not until you turn onto Route 95 in the otherwise unassuming rural town of Wilder, Idaho, do you really begin to feel the energy of hop harvest. As you drive past the small businesses, taco trucks, and local watering holes, suddenly you’re met with acres of hops on both sides of the road as far as...