(0) Hop Acreage Reductions and What That Means for Brewers

This year’s American Hop Convention in Santa Rosa, California was packed full of useful information that highlighted the opportunities, and the impeding hurdles that both brewers and farmers should prepare for in the coming years. Brewery challenges, inventory accumulation, and future hop production...

(0) Idaho Saaz: More than just a lager hop

Long known as a hop “made for lagers”, Saaz has become much more than just a lager hop in recent years as we have unlocked the possibilities within its oils containing 2 polyfunctional thiols. 

Today, Saaz is used in multiple different areas of the brewing process to contribute Passion Fruit, Grape...

(0) The Origin Story of YQH-1320

In the fall of 2015, while hiking in northern Idaho, Tim Sattler stumbled upon a hop. The hop was growing in an area cultivated by 19th and 20th-century minors and loggers, and it caught Tim’s attention. The average person may never have noticed the plant, but Tim had founded Yakima Quality Hops two...

(0) In the Lab: Quality
Ever wonder what quality checks at a hops mill look like? Here at Mill 95 providing a quality pellet is a top priority. We take several steps to ensure that we are providing the highest quality pellets to our customers possible, from receiving bales to packaging the pellets.
(0) Are Old Hops Still Any Good?

Corey Marshall, Strategy and Development Office at Mill 95 joins Tom Britz, Glacier Hops Ranch, Stephanie Conn, VGF/HopTechnic, and Rob McCurdy, Hollingbery & Son for sponsored BA Collab Hour webinar. This is a straightforward discussion with hop dealers, brewers, and science that breaks down the re...

(0) 2022 Hop Harvest Experience
This hop harvest Mill 95 hosted its first (official) Hop Harvest Experience, inviting brewers from across the country for two days of up-close and personal harvest interactions.
(0) Triumph
Triumph is one of the latest and greatest USDA hops to hit the market in the last couple of years. Triumph provides a very diverse flavor profile that can be used in a wide range of beers.
(0) Spring in Idaho Hop Country
Kick-off to the hop season began in early February for Obendorf Hop...
(0) The Power Of Thinking For Yourself
"We are fortunate, as women, sisters, friends, to have the opportunity to thrive in not just agriculture but in hops, which is such a special crop to many around the world." - Diane Gooding, Gooding Farms, Inc.
(0) Same great hops. New fresh look.
In 2020, the Mill 95 Team dedicated a great deal of time developing a better ecommerce experience for our customers, AKA you. Our goal was to create a platform where customers could place orders, manage contracts, connect with their sales rep, pay invoices, share Mill 95 stories, your stories, and connect with the brewing and hop communities.